Become a Speaker

The Call for Speakers is now closed. If you submitted, we will be sending out acceptance emails ASAP!


But first, some FAQ’s…


What should I talk about? What kind of talks are you looking for?

Anything related to Open Source projects, software & community is fair game. Good examples of subjects to choose from include: coding/development, operating systems, project management, networking, web technologies, administration, databases.

We are also interested in hearing about projects where Open Source solutions were used. Not only do case studies offer great insight into the various aspects of implementing an Open Source project, they also offer attendees an opportunity to get out of the weeds & let their brains relax a bit.

If you have an idea, but you’re not sure if it would fit, just email us!

What do speakers get out of the deal?

In addition to a satisfying sense of a job well done, speakers will get: free admission to the event (including breakfast and lunch), a photo/bio paragraph on the CPOSC website, another cool item to put on your resume and, of course, the earned respect & admiration of the grateful conference attendees.

That sounds awesome! How do I submit a talk proposal?

Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page to submit your proposal(s)! It’s that easy! (Yes, you can submit more than one!)

Should I present from my own machine?

We do recommend presenting from your own laptop, if possible. This will provide you with the most flexibility & a familiar environment. Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Projector interface is standard VGA and HDMI.
  • Target resolution should be 1024×768, or lower
  • There will be internet access via wifi, but plan for the worst. The Lords of the Tubes can at times be fickle, so if you rely on network access a backup plan would be advised.
  • Machines break, hard drives crash – We recommend you store alternate copies on different media (burn a CD, thumbdrive, etc.).
  • Send us a copy! To be on the safe side, we’d love to have a copy of your presentation as well.

What if I can’t bring my own machine?

No problem! Contact us, and we’ll arrange a machine for your use.

How long is my time slot?

We are still working on the exact schedule, but sessions will be about 30 minutes long. It’s your talk, and you can use the time however you’d like. There is a 25-minute “hallway track” between sessions which can be used for follow-up Q&A for your talk or just general interaction with the attendees.

How much time to I have to prepare and set up?

There will be at least 10 minutes between each session. There will also be time between when the doors open and the first session to scope out the room. There will also be a lunch break and an afternoon break.

Can I check out the other presentations while I’m at the conference?

Absolutely! We’d be disappointed if you didn’t.

Can you pay for my transportation and hook me up with a swanky hotel room?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to cover hotel and travel expenses. We do, however, have some friends in the local hospitality industry & are happy to help you find the best rate in town. Also, Lancaster has Uber.

Where do I send copies of slides or additional questions?

Email and we’ll answer your questions! 🙂