Rising Speaker Program

CPOSC is a friendly fellowship but we understand that conference speaking can be stressful for new and first-time presenters. The CPOSC team offers support and mentorship to help new speakers polish their presentation and hit a home run when they step up to the podium. Are you interested in assistance from an experienced CPOSC speaker mentor?


Signing up for the Rising Speaker Program is easy: when the Call for Speakers is open, submit a talk on a subject that interests you and check the “yes” box for the Rising Speaker Support Program. If you’re participating in the program, don’t get too bent out of shape over the talk details that we ask for in the speaker form. For things like the talk outline, just give it your best shot for now and we’ll support you as you transform your idea today into an awesome talk tomorrow!


Participation in the Rising Speaker Program is a two-way effort between the speaker and their mentor. Along the way, we’ll establish a rough schedule with you for developing a comprehensive talk outline, putting together a slide deck or demo, and then presenting a test run of the talk in advance of the conference to help you work out any last minute kinks. It won’t necessarily be easy but it should be fun and provide you with great experience, and a mentor will be with you each step along the way!


Do you have questions about the Rising Speaker Program? Are you an experienced conference speaker who wants to get involved as a mentor for those new to the scene? Reach out to us at speakers@cposc.org for more information.