CPOSC Afterparty

Know what’s great after a day of thinking and talking and sitting and listening?

A cold drink!

As CPOSC 2018 draws to a close, everyone’s favorite session of the day will begin just a few short blocks away from the Ware Center. Join us at Tellus360 for the post-conference party. Hang out, unwind, switch gears or continue a conversation you started earlier in the day. There’s no real set agenda here, so feel free to stay as long as you’d like!


Tellus360 address:
24 E. King St., Lancaster, PA 17602

Walking directions:
Exit the Ware Center’s front door and turn right. Walk half a block to traffic light at King Street; turn left. Walk up King Street for a block and a half (you’ll pass the center square and Marriott hotel). Tellus360 is on the right side of the street, across the street from Subway.

Alternative walking directions:
Find someone else who is walking there and knows where they are going and just follow them.


Location: Tellus360 Date: 12-01-2018 Time: 5:00 pm - ?