Louis-Mamakos Louis Mamakos

Louis Mamakos has had a long career in technology, which he can trace back to getting his Ham Radio license back in the ancient times when dinosaurs and mainframe computers roamed the earth. He’s been deeply involved in Internet technology, starting in 1981 in academia writing a TCP/IP stack for a UNIVAC mainframe computer, later moving on to running the network engineering group for UUNET, an one of the first commercial Internet backbone operators. After a short time working for a router start-up, he was Chief Technology Officer at Vonage, and now works in the Technical Operations group at AppNexus, and ad-tech company. In his spare time, he does Astro-Photography, annoys his wife with Home Automation exploits and does hobby hardware hacking, threatening misbehaving hardware with soldering irons, logic analyzers and oscilloscopes.

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