Lancaster City Alliance

Lancaster City Alliance logo

The Lancaster City Alliance was formed on July 1, 2013, as the the James Street Improvement District (JSID) and the Lancaster Alliance joined forces to form a single community-service organization dedicated to furthering the city’s community and economic development. With a talented staff and a core group of community and business leaders dedicated to the City of Lancaster, the mission of this organization is improving the City’s financial stability, public safety and quality of life.

But importantly, as an alliance, we align with like-minded economic-development and community organizations—jointly identifying key initiatives, linking stakeholders, allocating resources, acting as a catalyst—to produce extraordinary outcomes for the future benefit and utility of the City.

The Lancaster City Alliance serves the people of the City, crossing residential and commercial lines to include anyone who lives, works and plays in Lancaster. In collaboration with neighbors, public, private and non-profit partners and other entities focused on the City of Lancaster, the Lancaster City Alliance ensures a clean, safe and vital environment.

We are passionate about the vitality of the City. We serve as ‘home base’, a central repository of information, resources and connections for getting things done. We also leverage resources every day to make the neighborhoods and Downtown significant contributors to the City’s and County’s dynamics.