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What’s a CPOSC without the lunchtime Lig­htn­ing Talks? If you’re not familiar, Lightning Talks may be seri­ous, funny … or both. They may be given by ex­perien­ced speak­ers al­ready giv­ing full-length talks or by first-time speak­ers just start­ing out (this is a great way to get star­ted if you have some­th­ing to say).

Lig­htn­ing Talks are to be 5 minutes in length. The first de­ad­line is Saturday, October 28 – one week be­fore the conference starts – and many proposals will be accepted. At least one speak­ing spot will be held open until the morning of the talks to give you a chan­ce to see some­th­ing at the con­fer­ence and put togeth­er a Lig­htn­ing Talk re­spon­se. Howev­er, if you wait for the later de­ad­lines, note that there are fewer spots available and you are less li­ke­ly to be accepted so please try to sub­mit more than a week be­fore the con­fer­ence.

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