There’s still time to be an Early Bird – but not much…


First off, it’s important to note that as of this weekend, we are now officially 2 months out from this year’s CPOSC. Can you believe it? My how time has flown.. And hey, speaking of flying, today marks the one-week countdown for Early Bird registration for this year’s conference, meaning you have 7 days until the window of proactivity-rewarded discounts is soon to close!

So if you fancy yourself fiscally responsible, or if you’re that good friend that has dedicated your existence to attempting to keep all your procrastinating pals in the proverbial “loop”, this is your moment of glory. Go on, get that slightly discounted worm. You deserve it.


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In other news…

We’re still accepting speaker submissions, so if you have an idea you’ve been kicking around, WE WANT TO HEAR IT! We are excited about the submissions we’ve received thus far, but we know firsthand that there’s at least a handful of you sitting on talk submissions, and we’re not afraid to send out these guys to shake you down… (Kidding, of course… We sweaaarrr…) And if you need any ideas, check out our last blog post for some suggested topics that we pulled from last year’s post-conference survey. (In other words, stuff that YOU ASKED FOR!)

And finally, if you, your company, or your employer has any interest in sponsoring this year’s CPOSC, we want to hear from you! Join the ranks of these fine organizations who’ve already committed to sponsoring this year: our awesome host venue The Ware Center at Millersville University, Williams Forrest, Pubforge, Directlink Technologies, Linode and the Lancaster City Alliance.

Here’s a link to this year’s Sponsorship Prospectus.