Accessibility and Inclusivity at CPOSC

Special Arrangements

If you have any questions or your needs are not covered by the items below, please contact us at so we can work together on making this conference enjoyable for all.


Click the above image for full size parking map

There are several handicap parking spots available in the lots across the street from the Ware center.  There are also handicap spots on each floor of the Prince Street Garage, located near the central elevator. After 7:30am guests are welcome to use the unloading zone in front of the Ware center. This is 10 minute parking for quick drop offs only.


Steinman WareMapFl1

Each of the talks will have wheelchair-accessible space and armless chairs and/or benches for those that would be uncomfortable in the standard chairs.
Wheelchair-accessible entrance to Steinman Hall can be found on Lower Level 2 (LL2) for front-row seats, and on the 1st floor if you would like to be in the back.

Free access to the conference will be granted to a helper, translator, interpreter, or other support assistant of a paid attendee. Please contact to make arrangements.

AFK Room
If you need a break from the crowds and excitement, we will have a designated space to take a breather – accessible to any attendee.

Accessible Restrooms

All restrooms in the Ware Center are wheelchair accessible. They are conveniently located off the main lobbies.

Gender Neutral/Family Restrooms
Attendees are welcome to use whichever restroom they feel applies to them. There are additional restrooms on Lower Level 2 that are designated gender neutral/family restrooms.

Code of Conduct

We take our anti-harassment policy very seriously. If you have any issues during the conference we will have a hotline directly to staff members to report violations and ensure that all feel welcome and safe.