Chat Log: Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks
Gong-ed by R. Geoffrey Avery

2020-12-05 20:12:52 UTC Jacob Whetstone: hello
2020-12-05 20:13:09 UTC Jason Keen: Hello
2020-12-05 20:14:12 UTC Jason Keen: I miss your tea break
2020-12-05 20:14:45 UTC Jacob Whetstone: yeah, Court did ask me if I wanted to do a remote version, but I just didn’t feel like it would work well
2020-12-05 20:15:01 UTC Jacob Whetstone: feel free to steep something now, I am
2020-12-05 20:16:00 UTC Jason Keen: maybe after the lightning talk
2020-12-05 20:16:03 UTC Eli Flanagan : howdy
2020-12-05 20:16:18 UTC Jason Keen: howdy Eli
2020-12-05 20:17:43 UTC Christopher Thompson: perl mongers! blast from the past!
2020-12-05 20:17:55 UTC Eli Flanagan : sounds crisp
2020-12-05 20:18:10 UTC Christopher Thompson: got started hacking perl DBI::Oracle
2020-12-05 20:19:53 UTC Alexander Baumgarten: Jason Keen Your computer fan is coming through your mic
2020-12-05 20:20:51 UTC paul drake: Christopher Thompson the Oracle-L list had some folks adept in perl DBI:Oracle. I used to have curry 1/month with Sean Hull and burgers with Mladen Gogala in nyc.
2020-12-05 20:21:13 UTC Jason Keen: thanks Alex
2020-12-05 20:22:23 UTC Elyse Ewing: Jacob Whetstone Your avatar looks like it’s looking at all of us disapprovingly.
2020-12-05 20:22:28 UTC Eli Flanagan : haha
2020-12-05 20:22:43 UTC Christian Pearce: what are the ads for?
2020-12-05 20:23:35 UTC Christian Pearce: how about my blog on career advice ?
2020-12-05 20:23:44 UTC Jason Keen: that might be single malts
2020-12-05 20:23:45 UTC Eli Flanagan : I was thinking Mind Control For Sale
2020-12-05 20:24:10 UTC Geoffrey Knauth: single malt sounds good
2020-12-05 20:24:58 UTC Mel Wall: Christian Pearce I put up your Friends of CPOSC expo booth to your blog. You snuck the form submit in 2 minutes past the deadline but I made an exception 😛
2020-12-05 20:25:04 UTC Christopher Thompson: paul drake luminaries of that community. what luck you had. i think i tossed his o’reilly book in my last move.
2020-12-05 20:25:29 UTC paul drake: yeah they’re in the basement. Sean Hull is still at and has a newsletter.
2020-12-05 20:25:50 UTC Grant Celley: I feel as tired as if it was live at this time
2020-12-05 20:25:53 UTC paul drake: Mladen was at commvault for awhile. I think that he took up residence in Philly.
2020-12-05 20:26:13 UTC paul drake: as far as luck, I got to hang at the Oak Table discussions long long ago
2020-12-05 20:26:48 UTC paul drake: I once comtemplated getting a tatoo of “readers do not block writers”
2020-12-05 20:27:31 UTC Christian Pearce: Mel Wall thanks! I appreciate it.
2020-12-05 20:27:41 UTC Christopher Thompson: Jacob Whetstone ‘s avatar is reading the post-it on my desk that has all my passwords and secrets
2020-12-05 20:27:43 UTC PJ Hagerty: R Geoffrey Avery I can do an ad after my slot
2020-12-05 20:28:17 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: ok
2020-12-05 20:28:25 UTC Grant Celley: Jacob Whetstone is wondering why you are using the Unity Desktop enviroment
2020-12-05 20:28:31 UTC Jacob Whetstone: Don’t worry, I have very bad short term memory
2020-12-05 20:28:57 UTC Elyse Ewing: Tell Jake all your secrets, that’s what I’m hearing.
2020-12-05 20:28:58 UTC Eli Flanagan : Drum rolling on mute!
2020-12-05 20:29:03 UTC Grant Celley: oh hey one password is “qwerty42’
2020-12-05 20:29:49 UTC PJ Hagerty: FAN WINS!!
2020-12-05 20:30:12 UTC paul drake: is this the onlyfans thing that I’ve heard about?
2020-12-05 20:30:19 UTC Joshua Boyd: I’ll take the first ad
2020-12-05 20:30:31 UTC Alexander Baumgarten: Holy crap that was loud
2020-12-05 20:30:36 UTC Eli Flanagan : woot
2020-12-05 20:30:38 UTC Alex Mayer: GOOOONNG!
2020-12-05 20:31:09 UTC Grant Celley: Alexander Baumgarten its louder in person
2020-12-05 20:31:36 UTC Christopher Thompson: thought that was some kind of award on the shelf. gong so much better!
2020-12-05 20:32:50 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: Joshua Boyd is first ad, Jake is next speaker
2020-12-05 20:35:34 UTC Charlie Reisinger: Thank you, Jason!
2020-12-05 20:35:40 UTC Eli Flanagan : Thanks Jason! Great talk. I’ve used make for a number of years and learned better tips here
2020-12-05 20:35:42 UTC Christopher Thompson: good explanation
2020-12-05 20:36:04 UTC Alex Mayer: Jason Keen thanks for the talk. I need to use more make. I’ve used it for a few projects, but not nearly as much as I probably should have.
2020-12-05 20:36:10 UTC PJ Hagerty: +! – use Barrier everyday!!
2020-12-05 20:36:33 UTC Danya Rose: I still use Synergy, never heard of Barrier. Will try it out!
2020-12-05 20:36:44 UTC Charlie Reisinger: Thanks, Joshua! Great tip!
2020-12-05 20:36:50 UTC Joshua Boyd:
2020-12-05 20:37:02 UTC Eli Flanagan : audio’s great
2020-12-05 20:37:09 UTC Harper Reed: I have missed synergy so much. can’t wait to check out barrier
2020-12-05 20:37:43 UTC PJ Hagerty: OMG It’s Harper Reed !!!
2020-12-05 20:37:57 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: Eli Flanagan is the next speaker, do we have another ad? Just ask to share you video at the top
2020-12-05 20:37:59 UTC Christian Pearce: right on
2020-12-05 20:38:02 UTC Eamon Leonard: THE Harper?
2020-12-05 20:38:12 UTC PJ Hagerty: Nice Jacob Whetstone !!
2020-12-05 20:38:51 UTC Jason Keen: @Alex Mayer our team uses it pretty extensively, for data processing workflows. I’d be happy to talk about it more or do a quick demo/code jam
2020-12-05 20:39:46 UTC Jason Keen: maybe at a linux meetup?
2020-12-05 20:40:05 UTC Christopher Thompson: does barrier require any cabling, or is it just IP based (many headless computers on same local network)?
2020-12-05 20:40:08 UTC Charlie Reisinger: Love that your team is working on this, Jacob Whetstone – Images are powerful for students.
2020-12-05 20:40:29 UTC PJ Hagerty: Christopher Thompson no cabling needed
2020-12-05 20:41:30 UTC Alex Mayer: We do have a Linux meetup. LancLUG! Check it out on the Tech Lancaster Calendar.
2020-12-05 20:41:43 UTC Harper Reed: Eamon Leonard PJ Hagerty lol you guys…
2020-12-05 20:41:47 UTC Christian Pearce: cool
2020-12-05 20:41:57 UTC Grant Celley: Thats so cool
2020-12-05 20:41:57 UTC Eli Flanagan : seamless
2020-12-05 20:41:58 UTC Jason Keen: that’s cool Jake!
2020-12-05 20:42:03 UTC Jeremiah Cassidy: super cool 🙂
2020-12-05 20:42:03 UTC Elyse Ewing: Also, AES is a CPOSC sponsor this year and longtime CPOSC supporters, so A+ to them for that as well as this excellent and important effort. <3
2020-12-05 20:42:08 UTC PJ Hagerty: Really rad Jacob Whetstone
2020-12-05 20:42:19 UTC Joseph Marks: That’s really cool Jake!
2020-12-05 20:43:01 UTC Jim Feather: That is really good idea Jacob Whetstone
2020-12-05 20:43:04 UTC Jacob Whetstone: whew 5 min is not a lot of time for how quickly I usuually talk
2020-12-05 20:43:04 UTC Nathan Snyder: Realy cool; I love that! And looks relatively easy to implement too! Very smart!
2020-12-05 20:43:10 UTC Grant Celley: You can do so many cool things on svg
2020-12-05 20:43:29 UTC Eli Flanagan :
2020-12-05 20:43:42 UTC Christian Pearce: ooo rust
2020-12-05 20:43:48 UTC Jay Toogood: what was the linux user group url?
2020-12-05 20:43:58 UTC Jason Keen:
2020-12-05 20:44:30 UTC Joshua Boyd: Ooh, MIPS Assembly!
2020-12-05 20:44:35 UTC Christian Pearce: yes! rust! 😀
2020-12-05 20:44:51 UTC Tim Henry: the power of code compels you!
2020-12-05 20:44:53 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: PJ Hagerty is next speaker
2020-12-05 20:45:05 UTC Elyse Ewing: Jacob Whetstone That might be the fastest I’ve ever heard you talk 🙂
2020-12-05 20:45:12 UTC PJ Hagerty: Thanks for the heads up R Geoffrey Avery
2020-12-05 20:45:21 UTC Danya Rose: Rust is pretty awesome 😀
2020-12-05 20:45:34 UTC Christian Pearce: need to get some powershell in there
2020-12-05 20:46:47 UTC Danya Rose: The CLI app sounds great
2020-12-05 20:46:51 UTC Christopher Thompson: not sure i fully comprehend but +1 for “reading isn’t cheating”
2020-12-05 20:47:50 UTC Charlie Reisinger: Thanks, Eli!
2020-12-05 20:48:06 UTC Christopher Thompson: Eli Flanagan that’s cool and something never heard of before. thanks!
2020-12-05 20:48:07 UTC Eli Flanagan : sure thing 🙂
2020-12-05 20:48:13 UTC Eli Flanagan : yes
2020-12-05 20:49:28 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: Eamon Leonard and Harper Reed are next to speak
2020-12-05 20:50:05 UTC Geoffrey Knauth: For 10 years I read for Recording the Blind. They asked us to talk as fast as possible. Then they would crank the speed up to 700 words/min.
2020-12-05 20:50:06 UTC Christian Pearce:
2020-12-05 20:51:03 UTC Eli Flanagan : haha
2020-12-05 20:51:39 UTC Mel Wall: I am impressed with PJ’s rapid lightning talk speed.
2020-12-05 20:51:40 UTC Christian Pearce: spotify told me 75000 minutes this year 😀
2020-12-05 20:51:48 UTC Jeremiah Cassidy: “bieber is not the answer” sacrilege!
2020-12-05 20:51:59 UTC paul drake: I picked up a copy of the CD for a dollar.
2020-12-05 20:52:17 UTC paul drake: thought that the inlaws might found it to be funny (Pat Boone)
2020-12-05 20:52:19 UTC Elyse Ewing: Accurate PJ speed
2020-12-05 20:53:02 UTC Bob Murphy: One crazy summer reference!
2020-12-05 20:53:25 UTC Eli Flanagan : thank you PJ!
2020-12-05 20:53:33 UTC Joseph Marks: Love exploring new music!
2020-12-05 20:53:39 UTC Charlie Reisinger: Awesome, PJ Hagerty !!!
2020-12-05 20:53:44 UTC Alex Mayer: Thanks PJ Hagerty !
2020-12-05 20:53:49 UTC Eli Flanagan : We use mattermost at my company. Quite good!
2020-12-05 20:53:58 UTC Eli Flanagan : Seamless transition from the sunlighted HipChat
2020-12-05 20:54:04 UTC Charlie Reisinger: Penn Manor uses Mattermost. Love it!
2020-12-05 20:54:08 UTC Jason Keen: thanks PJ
2020-12-05 20:54:26 UTC Eli Flanagan : hahah
2020-12-05 20:54:33 UTC Don Watkins: Hello Harper Reed 🙂
2020-12-05 20:54:40 UTC PJ Hagerty: Also, most Saturday evening meals
2020-12-05 20:54:49 UTC Christian Pearce: harper your frames are rockin
2020-12-05 20:54:58 UTC Christian Pearce: James your Frames are rockin
2020-12-05 20:55:15 UTC Don Watkins: Harper was at All Things Open
2020-12-05 20:55:27 UTC Grant Celley: wait obamas cto is here
2020-12-05 20:55:39 UTC Joseph Marks: Cool!
2020-12-05 20:55:40 UTC PJ Hagerty: Grant Celley he’s that dude in the glasses
2020-12-05 20:55:44 UTC Jason Keen: how did you get the job as Obama’s cto?
2020-12-05 20:55:46 UTC Christian Pearce: yea while loop
2020-12-05 20:55:53 UTC Jason Keen: turtle programming!
2020-12-05 20:56:00 UTC Court Ewing: How did you get those sweet frames?
2020-12-05 20:56:36 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: This is the last talk on the schedule. If anyone has an ad we can still do it when this talk finishes
2020-12-05 20:57:02 UTC PJ Hagerty: Note: I just did a talk on Imposter Syndrome
2020-12-05 20:57:58 UTC Geoffrey Knauth: Very happy to see Obama’s CTO. I knew the guy who headed Romney’s tech effort in 2012 (a friend but who’s on the opposite side of politics from me), and his system crashed hard on election day 2012.
2020-12-05 20:58:10 UTC Alex Mayer: What kind of tech stacks were you working with?
2020-12-05 20:58:14 UTC Eli Flanagan : What do you think of public interest technology as a subdiscipline and role?
2020-12-05 20:58:34 UTC PJ Hagerty: Elyse Ewing Eamo needs a podcast
2020-12-05 20:58:52 UTC Christian Pearce: campaign work is super hard
2020-12-05 20:58:59 UTC Christopher Thompson: Eamon Leonard does any of the campaign infra you built still run/exist today at dnc or elsewhere?
2020-12-05 20:59:27 UTC Eamon Leonard: ask questions for harper here, we;ll keep on until we’re kicked off
2020-12-05 20:59:28 UTC PJ Hagerty: Open Source Responsibility is a big deal
2020-12-05 20:59:33 UTC Grant Celley: Can we have this as a full talk next year
2020-12-05 20:59:52 UTC Tim Henry: Wireguard is cool
2020-12-05 21:00:10 UTC paul drake: looking forward to it in pfSense … not anytime soon.
2020-12-05 21:00:14 UTC Grant Celley: just an interview with harper reed
2020-12-05 21:00:20 UTC Don Watkins: I love Pop_OS 🙂
2020-12-05 21:00:44 UTC PJ Hagerty: Serendipity
2020-12-05 21:00:50 UTC Tim Henry: Not sure if it translates to pfSense, but I’ve got WG set up in Opnsense
2020-12-05 21:00:59 UTC Louis Mamakos: Pop_OS resurrected an old 27″ iMac. Yay for Pop_OS
2020-12-05 21:01:29 UTC Christian Pearce: yea definitely
2020-12-05 21:01:55 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: Owen Shartle you will get the bonus talk slot, click the button to ash to share so we can add you
2020-12-05 21:02:10 UTC Danya Rose: vim forever
2020-12-05 21:02:13 UTC Jason Keen: yay vim
2020-12-05 21:02:15 UTC Eli Flanagan : neovim!
2020-12-05 21:02:15 UTC Christian Pearce: thank you
2020-12-05 21:02:22 UTC Christian Pearce: push code
2020-12-05 21:02:31 UTC Danya Rose: Is there still a slot for an ad? I’d like to do one
2020-12-05 21:02:33 UTC Christian Pearce: good first issues
2020-12-05 21:02:36 UTC Eli Flanagan : has a lot of open source opportunities too
2020-12-05 21:02:42 UTC Christian Pearce: learn testing
2020-12-05 21:02:48 UTC Joseph Marks: Back to music, if you could recommend an album to us right now, what would it be?
2020-12-05 21:03:21 UTC PJ Hagerty: CONTROVERSY!!
2020-12-05 21:03:34 UTC Eli Flanagan : thanks folks!
2020-12-05 21:03:35 UTC paul drake: pancakes or waffles?
2020-12-05 21:03:36 UTC Alex Mayer: Thanks guys!
2020-12-05 21:03:40 UTC Eli Flanagan : waffles
2020-12-05 21:03:43 UTC Harper Reed: thanks everyone!
2020-12-05 21:03:44 UTC Eamon Leonard: That was fun!
2020-12-05 21:03:49 UTC Eamon Leonard: Thanks fopr having us!
2020-12-05 21:03:53 UTC Jason Keen: thanks Eamon and Harper
2020-12-05 21:03:55 UTC PJ Hagerty: That was aweeome
2020-12-05 21:03:57 UTC Jeremiah Cassidy: thanks much E and H !
2020-12-05 21:04:04 UTC Don Watkins: Thanks Harper 🙂
2020-12-05 21:04:11 UTC Christian Pearce: both are fine – false dichotomies are exhausting.
2020-12-05 21:04:29 UTC Bret Fledderjohn: Eamon nice Guinness!
2020-12-05 21:04:56 UTC Joseph Marks: When I said you should do a lightning talk I didn’t realize you’d be following Obama’s CTO…
2020-12-05 21:05:05 UTC Christian Pearce: haha
2020-12-05 21:05:16 UTC Harper Reed: thanks everyone! i love lightning talks. i learn so much!
2020-12-05 21:05:25 UTC PJ Hagerty: Joseph Marks Album rec: American Football – self-titled
2020-12-05 21:05:32 UTC Eamon Leonard: Bret Fledderjohn that’s a pic Harper Reed took of me in a bar in New Orleans. Guinness wasn’t too bad actually 🙂
2020-12-05 21:05:43 UTC R Geoffrey Avery: So this is the last talk. Last chance for ads coming up
2020-12-05 21:05:50 UTC Alex Mayer: +1 for American Football
2020-12-05 21:06:59 UTC Jacob Whetstone: Lol, he said ‘an album’ not ‘Three albums’
2020-12-05 21:07:08 UTC PJ Hagerty: Alex Mayer if you like that, check out the alternative: Chinese Football – also self-titled
2020-12-05 21:07:41 UTC PJ Hagerty: Jacob Whetstone only the one from 1999 🙂
2020-12-05 21:07:48 UTC Eli Flanagan : nice
2020-12-05 21:08:01 UTC Bret Fledderjohn: Eamon Leonard never the same as in Dublin though, right?
2020-12-05 21:08:08 UTC Joseph Marks: Thanks! I added it to my “To listen” playlist.
2020-12-05 21:08:12 UTC Jacob Whetstone: they’re all good actually
2020-12-05 21:08:44 UTC PJ Hagerty: True
2020-12-05 21:08:52 UTC Bret Fledderjohn: I like Guinnesss…. I like Murphy’s a bit more
2020-12-05 21:09:06 UTC Eli Flanagan : clever name Owen Shartle !
2020-12-05 21:09:30 UTC Eamon Leonard: Bret Fledderjohn I can tel by your surname that your people are from Cork
2020-12-05 21:09:45 UTC Court Ewing: clap
2020-12-05 21:09:47 UTC Joseph Marks: Great lightning talk Owen!
2020-12-05 21:09:47 UTC Eli Flanagan : thanks!
2020-12-05 21:09:51 UTC Court Ewing: thanks Owen
2020-12-05 21:09:52 UTC Danya Rose: great talk!
2020-12-05 21:09:55 UTC Bret Fledderjohn: Thanks everyon!
2020-12-05 21:10:01 UTC Jason Keen: Thanks Owen!
2020-12-05 21:10:01 UTC PJ Hagerty: Really cool – Owen Shartle
2020-12-05 21:10:02 UTC Jim Feather: Great talks everyone!
2020-12-05 21:10:04 UTC Jacob Whetstone: nice job Owen
2020-12-05 21:10:32 UTC Jay Toogood: great talks, thaks for sharing..
2020-12-05 21:10:35 UTC Christian Pearce: R Geoffrey Avery what kind of dog?
2020-12-05 21:10:40 UTC Eli Flanagan : thanks all
2020-12-05 21:10:49 UTC Grant Celley: The lightning talks were good this year
2020-12-05 21:10:56 UTC Bret Fledderjohn: Eamon Leonard lol….. more like Germany, but I have a deep seated love for stouts
2020-12-05 21:11:03 UTC Nathan Snyder: Great talks everyone!
2020-12-05 21:11:10 UTC Owen Shartle: My latest project:
2020-12-05 21:11:16 UTC Eamon Leonard: Bret Fledderjohn Get it into ya!
2020-12-05 21:11:25 UTC Christian Pearce: yea thanks !
2020-12-05 21:12:02 UTC Eli Flanagan : hear hear! CPOSC team has rocked it.
2020-12-05 21:12:03 UTC Danya Rose: thanks!
2020-12-05 21:12:12 UTC Court Ewing: In case anyone thought Eamon’s face was familiar, it’s because he’s most famous for creating the HTML and CSS for
2020-12-05 21:12:18 UTC Bret Fledderjohn: Guinness is good for you.
2020-12-05 21:12:43 UTC Court Ewing:
2020-12-05 21:12:57 UTC Joseph Marks: Great job on the virtual format, it still felt as interactive and welcoming as the in-person ones!
2020-12-05 21:13:14 UTC Owen Shartle: Yeah, this was great!
2020-12-05 21:13:20 UTC Joshua Boyd: Yay Mel!
2020-12-05 21:13:21 UTC Mel Wall: 🙂
2020-12-05 21:13:26 UTC Bret Fledderjohn: Great job CPOSC team!
2020-12-05 21:13:29 UTC Joshua Boyd: Yay Elyse!
2020-12-05 21:13:35 UTC Eamon Leonard: 82 Pubstandards Court Ewing !!!!
2020-12-05 21:13:36 UTC Christian Pearce: yea no doubt!
2020-12-05 21:13:40 UTC Christian Pearce: thanks!
2020-12-05 21:14:01 UTC Elyse Ewing: Thanks to all of you for attending and participating and interacting and being super duper awesome today. And to Charlie for kicking butt in here! We all appreciate this community. <3
2020-12-05 21:14:02 UTC PJ Hagerty: CPOSC is one of my favorite events
2020-12-05 21:14:03 UTC Mel Wall: I’m on twitter at @birchbyte if anyone wants to keep in touch!
2020-12-05 21:14:23 UTC PJ Hagerty: Eamon Leonard you misseed Court Ewing wearing his Distill hoodie
2020-12-05 21:14:39 UTC Court Ewing: Eamon Leonard it was a great run! I see the dublin PS website has… transformed
2020-12-05 21:14:53 UTC Eli Flanagan : thank you Charlie!
2020-12-05 21:14:55 UTC PJ Hagerty: Thanks organizers!!
2020-12-05 21:14:57 UTC Court Ewing: thanks Charlie!
2020-12-05 21:14:57 UTC Elyse Ewing: PJ Hagerty You’re one of our favorite events 🙂
2020-12-05 21:15:05 UTC Mel Wall: To the afterparty!!
2020-12-05 21:15:09 UTC Christopher Thompson: nice work organizers. until next year…
2020-12-05 21:15:09 UTC Geoffrey Knauth: Thanks organizers!
2020-12-05 21:15:09 UTC Court Ewing: ^
2020-12-05 21:15:16 UTC Mel Wall: or like, dinner and a nice stretch after sitting all day
2020-12-05 21:15:31 UTC Court Ewing: for real, don’t get blood clots
2020-12-05 21:15:56 UTC Elyse Ewing: Early bird dinner, bit of yoga, THEN more sitting and chatting.