CPOSC 2020

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CPOSC 2020 is virtual this year! We are using the Hopin event platform. This will allow us to set up schedules, livecast our presenters, record the sessions for later posting online, have opportunities to chat and network for attendees, create discussion panels and more!



What are the ticket tiers?
Ticket pricing this year is donation-based and all tiers grant access to the full array of event content. You can choose from the donation options, or apply for a free ticket by December 3rd if none are within your budget. The Friend of CPOSC tier will include an optional “booth” in the expo hall where you can promote your website, organization, a charitable cause, or whatever is near and dear to your heart (and that fits our Code of Conduct – nothing NSFW please).

How do I get a ticket?
Visit the Hopin event page and select from the ticket options, and proceed with registering a Hopin account. You can delete your account after the conference if you so wish.

Can I share a ticket with a friend?
It’s recommended that each attendee that wishes to participate in any interactive sessions gets their own ticket, and we ask that you not share your Hopin account with other people. We offer a limited quantity of free tickets to anyone that needs one, first-come-first-served. However if you want to have several people in your household (spouses, kids, pets, a volleyball with a face painted on it) watch the stream together, that’s fine by us!

I am having trouble purchasing a ticket / my card was declined?
We’ve experienced some issues processing Discover credit cards. Please try a VISA, Mastercard, or American Express card if you have any of those available, or contact team@cposc.org for help.

Do I have to use my real name on the platform?
It is recommended that you do if you plan to do any networking, but if you have privacy concerns you are welcome to use a pseudonym or nickname as long as it is family-friendly.

Do I have to be on webcam or microphone?
Only if you want to! You can attend the entire conference in ghost mode if you wish. Participation is optional.

What personal information is shown?
When you create a Hopin account, you have the option to show your first and last name, and if you care to share them, your title, short bio, and social media links. Your email address will only be shown to the CPOSC staff, and to attendees that you choose to connect with.

Do I get a T-shirt / swag this year?
The Hopin ticket includes digital content only. However it wouldn’t be CPOSC without a sweet shirt for you to unintentionally wear on the same day as several of your coworkers / friends. Head on over the the CPOSC Merch Store to get yours today!
Image of Men's and Women's CPOSC 2020 shirt. A sky blue shirt with a train emerging from the center, with '2020' spelled in the smoke clouds.

How do I get help?
For questions leading up to the conference, please email team@cposc.org. During the conference you will also be able to directly message CPOSC staff if you need assistance. If you are experiencing harassment or any violation of our code of conduct, please contact us immediately and we will mute or remove any troublemakers.

Will the talks be recorded and posted later?
Pending any network or A/V catastrophes, yes! We will be uploading the session recordings after the conference for anyone that couldn’t make it.

Where is the afterparty?
We love you, we miss you, we wish we could be hanging out at Pubforge cracking beers and munching on leftover conference food, but this year we’ve got to play it safe. To that end, the afterparty will be online, too. We’ll open up hangout rooms in the event platform for attendees to shoot the breeze, and for those with a competitive heart (or that just care to spectate), we’re running a Golf With Your Friends tournament in the evening with prizes for the top winners. You will need a Steam account and a computer capable of running the game. Sign up to enter the tournament here!