Everything You Need To Know About CPOSC 2019

Hey there, Open Source and tech enthusiasts! CPOSC 2019 is this Saturday, and we want to make sure you’ve got the scoop on all the great happenings for this year’s conference so you can arrive prepared and ready to soak up all that glorious Open Source knowledge.


The TL;DR is here:

  • Arrival: Doors open for registration and check-in at 8:00am.
  • STUDENTS: Be sure to bring your student ID or proof of enrollment.
  • Opening remarks begin at 8:55am and the first talks start precisely at 9:20am.
  • Venue: The Ware Center at 42 North Prince Street, Lancaster PA.
  • Free Parking: Head to Prince Street Garage at 111 North Prince Street and ask for a parking voucher when you check in at the conference (more details in Parking section below).
  • Food: Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea are provided, as well as snacks, coffee, and drinks kept available throughout the day.
  • Help us reduce our environmental impact – bring your reusable water bottles and travel coffee mugs!
  • Afterparty: Begins at 6:00pm a short walk from the Ware Center at Pubforge, located at the back of the second floor at Tellus360.
  • Plan out your day: Conference Schedule



  • The Prince Street Garage is located at 111 North Prince Street. You can enter from North Prince Street or from West Orange Street. Your CPOSC parking voucher is only good for this garage, so if you want your parking paid please make sure this is where you park.
  • Take a ticket when you enter the garage, then ask for a parking voucher when you check in to the conference. When you are leaving the garage you will provide your ticket and your voucher to the machine in that order, and you’ll be on your way!



  • If you’re coming in with a student ticket, please bring your valid high school or college ID. Homeschool/other students please bring proof of enrollment.


Lightning Talks

  • Everyone can talk about something for 5 minutes! Look for the giant sign in the lobby after check-in to drop a note with your name and topic, or raise your hand during this fun and flexible session to share whatever topic strikes your fancy.
  • Lightning talks will be held in the Binns Room at two different times during the day – first during the second half of lunch (12:10 – 12:40pm) and second during afternoon tea (3:05 – 3:35pm). Your food is welcome to join you.



  • Keep the fun going even after the conference day is over! Pubforge, located at the back of the second floor at Tellus360 is just a short walk from the Ware Center at 24 East King Street. You can find us there, still buzzing with post-CPOSC excitement. Drinks and food will be provided, as well as easy access to Tellus360’s bars and kitchen right outside the Pubforge door. CPOSC 2019 afterparty sponsored by the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania.


Accessibility, Inclusivity & Code of Conduct

  • We feel strongly that CPOSC must be a friendly and welcoming environment for every attendee. Many questions regarding accessibility of the Ware Center venue are available here and if you still have questions not answered by that page, please reach us directly at team@cposc.org.
  • In addition, we are dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone and thus take our Code of Conduct very seriously. Likewise, the Ware Center has its own security policy prohibiting weapons, drugs, or alcohol on the premises. Please be sure to review both of these before heading downtown on Saturday morning.


Special Accommodations / Get Help

  • If at any time throughout the day you need assistance, you can find someone in a green staff t-shirt and they will help you out. If you need discreet assistance, please email help@cposc.org with your name, current location, and a short summary of your issue, and we will respond appropriately.


We look forward to welcoming another great group of speakers and attendees to the eleventh (and best yet) year of CPOSC. See you on Saturday!