Oh, hey there… (Or: Surveys, Speaker Submissions…& Songs)

June. The calendar says JUNE already. Can you believe it?

It seems like just days ago we were all drinking our morning coffees and snacking on some breakfast as CPOSC 2015 was getting under way. We were catching up with those attendees we might not see so often outside of the annual conference; scooping up some Linode t-shirts, Pubforge stickers and whatever other swag we could find; comparing schedules to see who was presenting on what topics and where.

Well, folks, that was actually seven and a half months ago. 233 days to be exact. 20.1 million seconds. (You get the point.) Sheesh, can time fly…

In that time, we conducted a post-conference survey (it’s still live if you haven’t taken it yet – and if you do, you’ll be entered to win a FREE REGISTRATION to this year’s conference!) from which we heard some great feedback on what you liked and didn’t like, what you wanted more (and less) of, etc. Your feedback is invaluable as we work to keep CPOSC as relevant and forward-looking as possible, so please, if you did not submit a response yet, we’d love to hear from you!

We also posted a few pics from the day up on Flickr. They are located here if you missed ’em!

At this point, we are working to finalize some foundational details for the 2016 conference and are very excited to announce them soon! And while we know certain pieces of information like “What is the date of the conference?” are likely to be pretty important as you consider whether or not you’d like to submit to present, we have decided to make the Speaker Application live anyway. If availability issues arise, we’ll work it out with you!


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We will be back in touch very soon. In the meantime, here are some appropriately themed songs for you to listen to while you wait: