Past Sessions

Ten years of CPOSC means we’ve showcased hundreds of talks! Are you looking for ideas for your presentation at CPOSC 2018 or seeing what to expect as a first-time attendee? Here is a sampling of just a few talks we’ve seen in previous years…


Open Source Home Automation

Build your own smart home leveraging Open Source software. OpenHAB and Alexa-HA can provide voice control over your IOT devices as well as interface with a wide variety of other proprietary protocols/solutions. Cover what is needed to build a complete home automation solution with a strong focus on customized voice interaction models enabling you to control everything around your home via voice.


The Reality of Desktop 3D Printing

From 2009-2016, a hype bubble built up around the concept of 3D Printing in every home. This bubble burst in 2016 and applications of real user started to become more visible. Cover what 3D Printing was perceived to be versus what it is now, how 3D Printing can be useful in support of hardware projects, and how open source is key to that development.


Performance and Scale with React / Redux

Building a large-scale React application introduces challenges and complexities that most tutorials just don’t cover. Present lessons learned from real React/Redux applications in areas including code organization, state management, and site performance. Cover strategies for best structuring an outside CMS to integrate marketing content into your React-powered front-end. Drawing on these techniques and considerations, developers can make intelligent decisions at a project’s onset to support robust functionality and avoid headaches down the line.


Jenkins 101

Jenkins is a Continuous Integration tool to manage your environment that fires off jobs like cron or when a button is pushed. Cover a walk-through of setting up a Jenkins site, complete with slave nodes on the servers doing the real work, and some simple jobs to get a feel for what this tool can do for you.


A Modern JavaScript Toolbelt

Webpack, grunt, gulp, broccoli, browserify, babel, react, angular, ember, express, hapi, mocha, jasmine… seriously? Where does one even begin to get their head wrapped around the current trends in JavaScript tooling? When we break it down into the core problems that all of these tools seek to address, we’re left with an understanding that we can then apply to any decisions involving tooling going forward. Cover the creation of a consistent toolbelt that you can rely on regardless of which hammer you use (and of course we’ll talk about some of the best hammers out there for good measure).


How It Works: A Kubernetes Deep Dive

Break down the components that make up a Kubernetes cluster and how they interact with each other. Cover core roles of Kubernetes — apiserver, scheduler, and kubelet — what each role is responsible for, and how the components interact with each other.


Adventures of Open Source 3D Printing & Learning Disabilities

Not all great minds think alike. People with learning differences may struggle with expressive or receptive language but often excel in the creative and spatial fields. When The Janus School, an independent K-12 school for students with learning differences, decided to open a 3D printing lab in 2016, a lot of research went into deciding what printers to buy. Cover why we went with open source 3D printers, how the lab is set up and run, and the student successes we’ve seen during the first year of use.


.NET on Linux: Zero to Hero

.NET is open source. In only minutes, you’ll learn how to install .NET on Linux and create your first program. Cover the different parts of .NET Core 1.0, package managers and NuGet, the new command line interface (CoreCLI), and a great editor that is not Visual Studio.


Path to Your First Pull Request

Want to start contributing to an open source project, but aren’t sure where to start? Cover the tools you’ll need to get started, tips for not getting in over your head, how to contribute if you’re new to writing code, and how to find open source projects that are suitable and welcoming for beginners.


Securing Your Web Applications

Building a web application with a modern framework like React or Angular and a NodeJS backend has become common practice. Cover stateless JWT authentication and the importance of fine-grained authorization, often referred to as Access Control Lists (ACL), followed by a demonstration on how you can easily perform stateless JWT based authentication, and apply authorization using open source software.


Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Surf the radio waves around you! Cover a general overview of Software Defined Radio, its design and uses, and a discussion of the variety of signals that it can receive.


Real-Time Facial Recognition with Keras & Tensorflow

Take real-time footage of a person and identify an emotional state based on their facial patterns. Cover a quick setup of Keras, Tensorflow, and the Python environments, as well as training models, feeding the system, and building the neural network from the ground up.


First Person Racing Drones as a Sport

As ESPN just finished airing the Drone Racing League World Finals, modern multicopters are one of those amazing things made possible by multiple industries hitting specific points all at once. Thanks to decreasing hardware costs, iterative design, and open source hardware/software we have 80+mph racing flying machines. Live demo and race around the building included!